Brickhoff – one of the leading European trade marks which supplies brick tile, clinker paving stone and hand molded facing brick.

Our recipe for success is high-qualified and certified product, which will retain its properties for many years.

We respect the traditions – production is carried on according to the original recipes with modern firing techniques of genuine clay.

The main advantage of Brickhoff is our extensive range of colours and variety of textures. You can implement the most extraordinary style ideas and architectural solutions in exterior, interior and landscape design. This variety of range is achieved with the use of innovative control systems of the fuel cycle and the state of the furnace.

Products of Brickhoff are safe for health and the environment, since the production uses only environmentally friendly natural materials.

Bricks and tiles of Brickhoff can be used in a complex of insulation system.

Brickhoff tile is suitable for the final facade cladding outdoor and wall decoration indoor.


Brickhoff - a wide range, traditions and environmental friendliness.