Clinker pavers

Brickhoff paving bricks looks very natural due to its appearance and porous surfaces. This building material set the tone for any landscape design. High temperature roasting in the oven gives the clinker paving bricks the unique tone, emphasizing the unusual play of colors. Thus, Brickhoff gets a big advantage in the end: clinker pavers do not fade in the sun and will not change its appearance over time. Paving bricks of Brickhoff - it is 100% natural product. Moreover, exactly in its natural environment paver structure appears in the most flattering light. The low maintenance costs with a long-term durability make Brickhoff clinker pavers perfect for everybody.

Paving bricks easy to install and dismantle, which highlights its ease of use!

Brickhoff clinker pavers advantages:

  • Durability
  • UV-resistance
  • Frost-resistance
  • Quality standart ISO
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Design
  • Easy installation